[SETF] recommended members

Phil, Jeff,

As we discussed at the f2f meeting today, one of the clear value 
propositions of the SETF is building bridges to existing research and 
practice in software engineering, Along those lines, I recommend Michael 
Goedicke and Andrea Zisman as new members of the Software Engineering Task 
Force of SWBP.    Both Michael and Andrea are in academia and have done 
significant research in the area of using explicitly represented knowledge 
to advance software engineering practice - as we discussed this is a field 
of endeavor that dates back to at least 1969, with Cordel Green's PhD 
thesis.  Michael and Andrea have been involved quite a bit longer than 
there has been a semantic web.  I think its important to have people on 
board who understand what's already been tried and failed, since this is 
not a new idea, but rather needs appropriate connections to that 
community.  I believe they would be able to help with re-drafting the 
current SETF note.


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Received on Thursday, 3 March 2005 17:24:16 UTC