[PORT] moving SKOS Core fwd

Hi all,

Following up my suggestion to add an appendix to the SKOS Core Guide, I've put a new editor's draft at:


This doc has term summary tables appendix, and all links from SKOS Core vocab terms are to this appendix (previously they were to the SKOS Core Vocabulary Specification).  

Publishing the guide like this, and not formally publishing the spec (at this stage/at all?), would be one way of moving publication forward.  I put this draft up just to help us discuss the options here.

(TomB has been super-busy with project proposals and hasn't been able to look at the policy statements in the spec yet, so we couldn't publish the spec yet if we wanted to.  He says he'll be able to look at this next week.)



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Received on Thursday, 24 March 2005 16:35:26 UTC