RE: comment - RDFTM: Survey of Interoperability Proposals

* Bernard
| I don't think my keeping on debating alone with Peter along the same 
| lines would be of any use to the WG. At that point, maybe it would be
| better to have folks who initiated the RDFTM TF, and those who accepted
| it as part of the WG, as far as the first meeting in Cannes, explain
| why they think such a TF is relevant, and editors of the draft, to
| answer the fundamental issues raised by Peter.

I agree. I haven't jumped in earlier because I've been on the road.
I will get to this discussion in the next day or so, although I wasn't
part of the meeting in Cannes, so I can't speak for those people.

Eric: Are you listening in on this discussion?


Received on Sunday, 13 March 2005 16:15:32 UTC