FW: [OEP] Classes as Values - A detailed review


Here is a revised draft with a few changes, noted below. If you have a
few minutes (really, only a few) could you read over appraoch 4? I have
made major changes in how the approach is described. 

I sent it to Natasha, but failed to include the list.


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Here is my new draft. I did three things: 

I fiddled with the abstract a bit because I did not not like calling
classes as vales an ontological pattern. I thought the patterns were the
approaches, we have 5 patterns in this note. By analogy, I would not
call 'part-whole' or n-ary relations ontological pattern either.  Do we
define 'ontological pattern' anywhere? What does it mean? Maybe it is
fine as it is, and I just don't know what you mean by ontological
pattern. If so, then does that mean the approaches are NOT patterns? Or
a different kind of pattern? Which kind?

I added a paragraph on issues and considerations.

I redid approach 4. See what you think.  I think that the last sentence,
about inference does not fit there any more. I was not sure where it
should go. Does it apply to the case of the variant, or the original? Or
both simultaneously? Please clarify. Maybe it could be merged into the

I did not yet get to a conclusion section.


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