[SE] Outcome to Telecon 16th March 2005

Below is listed the outcome of yesterday’s Se task force teleconference:

1.    The task force will continue to work on its current note will the aim
of completion for further review in six weeks time (deadline April 27th)
2.    Jeff Pan will act as the editor of this document and hold the master
3.    The note will be amended to specifically
      a.    Include material on prior work in the areas of
            i.    Automated Software Engineering – from Chris Welty (?)
            ii.   Domain Theory – Jeff Pan
      b.    Be more grounded in current Semantic Web technologies - Daniel
Oberle to provide specific OWL examples
      c.    Include more specific references to the ODM work - Evan Wallace
to provide material in this area.
4.    Jeff Pan and Phil Tetlow are to hold a number of face to face
meetings over coming weeks to ensure the timely progress of this note


Phil Tetlow
Senior Consultant
IBM Business Consulting Services
Mobile. (+44) 7740 923328

Received on Wednesday, 16 March 2005 11:20:48 UTC