RE: [OEP] new Editor's draft of classes as values available - TITLE of NOTE

NOTE that 90% of the note, as you point out, is NOT about "Representing
Classes As Property Values", and thus the title of the note is not
strictly accurate.

Rather, it is about what do do when you WANT to "Representing Classes As
Property Values".

A more accurate title for the note would be: 
"How to Proceed when you want to Representing Classes As Property Values
on the Semantic Web"

I don't particularly like it, but I may be willing to trade off
awkwardness for accuracy.



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Subject: [OEP] new Editor's draft of classes as values available

The new version of the Editor's draft is available at the same location

[1] (also accessible from OEP page [2]).

I think we have converged on all the issues except for the abstract  
[3]. Chris, Mike, for the moment I conveniently assumed that you will  
agree with my last message [3], but we can still of course change it.

I went through the document and fixed most typos, references, etc. When

doing that I've also fixed a couple of extra issues that Mike brought  
up in his review and that I somehow missed (e.g., moving the SKOS  
discussion to a slightly different location).

Mike, I also edited your re-wording of approach 4 a bit, but I tried  
not to change the meaning or the order of sentences in your text to  
make it even more clear (I think). If you are going to re-read anything

in the document besides the abstract, this is the section to read.

Besides agreeing on the abstract, there is only one more thing  
remaining: shorter titles for the patterns, if we can come up with  
them. I've tried to come up with something, but I am not at all crazy  
about the result. It may not be that easy to do. Any thoughts on the  
list below?

1. Classes directly as property values
2. Parallel set of individuals for property values
3. Parallel hierarchy of individuals for property values
4. Classes with value restrictions as types
5. Classes as values for annotation properties

Other than that, I think we are done...



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