Re: meeting record: 2005-03-03 Boston F2F

At 12:39 PM 3/23/2005 -0500, Christopher Welty wrote:
>Excellent job with the minutes.

thanks.  The irc scribing was reasonably consistent with what the
reformatting script understands.

>I was a scribe. 

ah, so you were.  The irc log didn't sufficiently identify the transition, sorry.
I've added you to the list.

>The part of the record that begins with "" should probably have a subtitle as it was a new topic (HTTP-14 or something), and not a continuation of the ADTF discussion. 

good point.  added.
$Revision: 1.14 $ of $Date: 2005/03/23 19:38:14 $

Thanks for reading this through.

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