Re: [SE] Draft Note - Initial changes following first informal meeting at tech plenary

Jeff, Daniel...all

Attached is a copy of the SE draft containing material (inc Mike Uschold's
comments) that Evan, Mike, Tom, Bill and I discussed over dinner yesterday
evening. It also includes the examples material you posted earlier today.
To make life easier Ive marked the changes in red, but please excuse typos
and spelling - Ive rather rushed out this version.

I would obviously be most interested to hear your comments

Jeff any chance you could check this version in relation to the version
that you posted on the web this morning?... Thanks

Jeremy Carroll has also passed some comments on the way that the document
is structured. It appears that we, at the very least, have some issues
around Further Reading/References etc. I would be grateful, therefore, if
Jeremy could also help us out here.

Kind regards

(See attached file: ODA and SWSE (Editors Draft) ver1.1.htm)

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Received on Wednesday, 2 March 2005 16:36:19 UTC