Re: meeting record: 2005-03-03 Boston F2F

Ralph R. Swick wrote:
> No one took the action to turn the irc logs of our Boston meeting into
> minutes, so I volunteered to Guus and David to do so.
> The minutes are now available in
> Text snapshot of revision 1.1 $Date: 2005/03/22 01:30:52 $ attached,
> Attendees
>    Present
>           Ralph Swick (W3C), Ivan Herman (W3C), Dan Brickley (W3C), Mike

To avoid any misunderstandings here: I do not think I should be listed here. Formally, I 
was an observer only, even if I opened my big mouth time to time...

>           Uschold (Boeing), Andreas Harth (DERI), Chris Welty (IBM
>           Research, Yorktown Heights, NY), Alistair Miles (CCLRC), Steve
>           Pepper (Ontopia), Phil Tetlow (IBM Consulting), Evan Wallace
>           (NIST), Gavin McKenzie (Adobe), Bill McDaniel (Adobe), Fabien
>           Gandon (INRIA), Libby Miller (ASemantics Bristol Office),
>           Noboru Shimizu (Internet Association Japan), Tom Baker
>           (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft), David Wood (University of Maryland)
>    Observers
>           Hiroyuki Sato (NTT Japan), Yoshio Fukushige, Marie-Claire
>           Forgue, Tom Croucher, Balaji Prasad, Eric Miller, David
>           Provost, Jeremy Carroll (HP), Steven Pemberton, Mark Birbeck,
>           Richard Schwerdtfeger, ...
>    Chair
>           Guus, David
>    Scribes
>           Alistair, Jeremy, Andreas, Ralph, Ivan, Fabien

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