[rdftm, port, etc] another example: William and Chet

Here's an example from FOAF discussions a couple of years ago.


Libby and I were talking about how best to describe a photo 
which depicted William Loughborough and Chet Baker. By 'best', I mean 
in this case, a way which maximises the chance of semweb-style data 
merging with other sources of information relating to these people. In 
William's case, I might want to read his latest blog posts and email 
messages; in Chet's, I might want more photos, or pages/books about him.
In both cases, I'd like to download (creative commons-licensed) music
that relates to them (recordings, cover versions, etc...). For all these 
scenarios, the common problem is identification. 

In FOAF/RDF we'd use William's mailbox, homepage etc. That's easy. For 
Chet, we'd need to find another indirect identifier. In
http://rdfweb.org/pipermail/rdfweb-dev/2003-September/012001.html  Libby
suggests using a TAP id. 

I'd be very interested to see this worked through in a TopicMaps context 
too, as well as SKOS. How should we specify things such that TM data,
SKOS thesauri, and other RDF datasets can be mixed together in a 
queriable manner?

thanks for any thoughts,


ps. some links for examples:

Chet Baker in MusicBrainz
-> http://musicbrainz.org/artistinfo.html?artistid=4326

Chet Baker in Open Directory (DMoz), 
(which is available in a giant RDF dump that uses a SKOS-like structure)

William's homepage, http://w3.gorge.net/love26/

a document that has him as a foaf:primaryTopic: 

basically, it's great having all these kinds of things in RDF, but it'd
be even better if we could figure out which nodes in these different 
graphs denoted the same thing.
http://rdfweb.org/mt/foaflog/archives/2003/07/10/12.05.33/ describes
the OWL-powered approach FOAF uses... I'd like to work thru a
comparision with Topic Maps and end up in situation where we can 
answer real questions using SPARQL that draw on both kinds of data...

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