[SE] Outcome to Telecon 29 March 2005

Below is listed the outcome of today's SE task force teleconference:

1. We believe that it is essential to have an invited expert on Automatic Software Engineering to share us with previous experience and to review our proposed ideas. Jeff will take an action to contact WG chairs and Team contacts for the invited expert. If they agree, Evan will take an action to contact the two candidates.

2. Evan is to add a new subsection about ODM into the "proposed ideas" section before 5 April.

3. Daniel and Jeff are to restructure the "example" section, so that for each subsection in the "proposed ideas" section we have a subsection in the "example" section.

4. Volunteers (within the TF) are NEEDED to review the existing three examples in the "example" section.

5. TF members are encouraged to provide an example for section 3.3 "A Corpus of Reusable Content and the Use of Metadata as Relational Data". Our view is that each proposed idea should have at least an example. If we can not find an example for Section 3.3, it could be removed from the final draft.

6. The start time of the TF telecon will be the same in summer time.

Received on Tuesday, 29 March 2005 18:28:16 UTC