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>>>Appendix A
>>>Might be interesting to relate the RDF/OWL definitions to the XML 
>>>definition given at the start. XML doesnt mention value spaces at 
>>Yes it does,
> Can you point me to where? I read all of the (old) XSD part 2 
> carefully looking for it.

>>it doesn't define the l2v mapping as such.
>>>and its use of 'facets' strongly suggests that the XML view simply 
>>>allows questions of identity to be highly contextual, in contrast 
>>>to the model-theoretic approach we used. Might be worth expanding 
>>>on this difference, which is responsible IMO for many of the 
>>>complexities and ambiguities you discuss.

In Appendix B, we use unary datatype expressions to represent user-defined XML Schema dataytpes constructed by facets; cf. Example C:


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>>No. Feels too difficult.
> OK. Maybe we should write a paper about it instead :-)
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