RE: [OEP] Classes as Values - A detailed review


Perhaps the only significant issue that we have not quite resolved is
the nature and extent to which this note is specifically about subjects,
as opposed to classes as vales more generally.

You have convinced me that it is NOT about subjects, per se, so what
remains is how best to communicate this to the reader. You do say it
outright, but IMHO a reader could easily miss it [like I did] and get
the wrong impression.

Here are some ideas on how to approach this. I'm willing to have a go at
implementing them.

1. Add the meningitis example to the other scenarios paragraph, and
mention in each case what the property is that 'wants' to have classes
as values (genereOfMusic, patientDiagnosis, etc).
2. re-emphasize the point in the summary and conclusions, giving the
specific relation that is used instead of dc:subject (i.e. patitent
diagnosis).  One could even put in a figure for one of the approaches
using a non-subject example, to bring home the point in a more
convincing way. 

Having a non-subject example at the end of the document will address
This way, a reader is less likely to mistakenly think that the document
is only/mainly about subjects. 

If you like, you can give me the 'key' again, and I will make edits on
the plane this evening.


Received on Friday, 4 March 2005 15:09:20 UTC