Re: [rdftm, port, etc] another example: William and Chet

I think the issue of identification is both important and extremely 
difficult.  I suggest that this is big enough to be a task force in 


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[rdftm, port, etc] another example: William and Chet

Here's an example from FOAF discussions a couple of years ago.

Libby and I were talking about how best to describe a photo 
which depicted William Loughborough and Chet Baker. By 'best', I mean 
in this case, a way which maximises the chance of semweb-style data 
merging with other sources of information relating to these people. In 
William's case, I might want to read his latest blog posts and email 
messages; in Chet's, I might want more photos, or pages/books about him.
In both cases, I'd like to download (creative commons-licensed) music
that relates to them (recordings, cover versions, etc...). For all these 
scenarios, the common problem is identification. 

In FOAF/RDF we'd use William's mailbox, homepage etc. That's easy. For 
Chet, we'd need to find another indirect identifier. In  Libby
suggests using a TAP id. 

I'd be very interested to see this worked through in a TopicMaps context 
too, as well as SKOS. How should we specify things such that TM data,
SKOS thesauri, and other RDF datasets can be mixed together in a 
queriable manner?

thanks for any thoughts,


ps. some links for examples:

Chet Baker in MusicBrainz

Chet Baker in Open Directory (DMoz),,_Chet/
(which is available in a giant RDF dump that uses a SKOS-like structure)

William's homepage,

a document that has him as a foaf:primaryTopic:

basically, it's great having all these kinds of things in RDF, but it'd
be even better if we could figure out which nodes in these different 
graphs denoted the same thing. describes
the OWL-powered approach FOAF uses... I'd like to work thru a
comparision with Topic Maps and end up in situation where we can 
answer real questions using SPARQL that draw on both kinds of data...

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