RE: [SE] Comments on Draft Note

Hi Phil and Mike,
I'd like to second Mike's comments. Like I pointed out earlier,
I think it's generally malpractice to start writing before the
major points have not been clarified:

1) goal/contribution of the document:
    still a bit unclear to me
2) intended audience:
    well, here I assumed the one mentioned on the task force's
    homepage. However, reading Mike's comments, this is not so clear
3) structure of document:
    once 1 + 2 have been clarified, start thinking about possible
    subsections, agree, distribute responsibilities, start writing ...

Hopefully you will be able to clarify the points during the F2F.
If so, please disseminate accordingly.

Btw, I realized in telcos and mails that there seems to be
a lack of dissemination and confusion in general. The best demonstration
for that is the issue whether there should be a relevance to OWL
in the document.

Wishing you a good time in Boston,

Received on Tuesday, 1 March 2005 11:31:55 UTC