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Under W3C Member Review: Hardware Security Working Group Charter (until 1 April) Ian Jacobs (Monday, 29 February)

JSON signatures for "node.js" Anders Rundgren (Monday, 29 February)

Comments on Payment Request API Ian Jacobs (Friday, 26 February)

[Minutes] 23-24 February face-to-face meeting Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 25 February)

[webpayments] Gh pages (#108) mattsaxon (Thursday, 25 February)

[webpayments] Gh pages (#107) mattsaxon (Thursday, 25 February)

[paymentrequest] Constructor should not include "total" in list of items (#68) Shane McCarron (Wednesday, 24 February)

[paymentrequest] At the time complete() is called, your ability to say success (true) or failure (false) may depend on the payment method (#67) Ade Bateman (Wednesday, 24 February)

[paymentrequest] Payment App Registration: Same Origin is problematic for identifying_url (#66) Laurent Castillo (Tuesday, 23 February)

[webpayments] Taler flows (#106) Jeff Burdges (Tuesday, 23 February)

Draft of PaymentRequest Registration Doc Available Zach Koch (Tuesday, 23 February)

[webpayments] Gh pages (#105) mattsaxon (Tuesday, 23 February)

Re: [paymentrequest] Write-up initial proposal for payment app registration spec (#27) Ade Bateman (Tuesday, 23 February)

Re: [paymentrequest] Write-up initial proposal for card payment method spec (#31) Ade Bateman (Tuesday, 23 February)

[paymentrequest] Add link to registration explainer to index page. (#65) Ade Bateman (Tuesday, 23 February)

[paymentrequest] Add registration explainer (#64) Zach Koch (Tuesday, 23 February)

[paymentrequest] Add skeleton of basic card spec and tidy-up API spec (#63) Ade Bateman (Monday, 22 February)

Re: [paymentrequest] Write-up proposal for shipping address fields (#28) Rouslan Solomakhin (Monday, 22 February)

[webpayments] Minor Changes (#104) mattsaxon (Monday, 22 February)

JSON Signatures for Financial Messaging Anders Rundgren (Sunday, 21 February)

[webpayments] Repo my apps (#103) Daniel Torres (Sunday, 21 February)

CHANGE OF VENUE: Sunday dinner now at La Mar Cebichería Peruana at 7:30pm Manu Sporny (Saturday, 20 February)

Dinner at Croqueta on Sunday at 7pm in San Francisco Manu Sporny (Saturday, 20 February)

New PaymentRequest Doc Zach Koch (Friday, 19 February)

[paymentrequest] Add rationale and update document locations (#62) Zach Koch (Friday, 19 February)

[webpayments] Removed Spaces From File Name (#102) mattsaxon (Friday, 19 February)

[webpayments] Gh pages (#101) mattsaxon (Friday, 19 February)

Draft requirements for discussion at the WPWG FTF meeting Ian Jacobs (Friday, 19 February)

[paymentrequest] State in each class's definition which internal slots it has (#61) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

[paymentrequest] Don't have a <dfn> for "user agent" (#60) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

[paymentrequest] "JSON object" is confusing; consider "JSON-serializable object" (#59) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

[paymentrequest] Use [SecureContext] instead of manually checking inside the PaymentRequest constructor (#58) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

[paymentrequest] Spec references are all pretty outdated (#57) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

[paymentrequest] Error types used are weird and excessive (#56) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

[paymentrequest] Algorithm for complete(success) does not use its argument (#55) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

[paymentrequest] boolean arguments are an anti-pattern; consider separate methods for complete() (#54) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

[paymentrequest] Example 1 typo: payment.complete(true) should be paymentResponse.complete(true) (#53) Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 18 February)

Face to face - some important reading Telford-Reed, Nick (Thursday, 18 February)

[Minutes] 18 Feb WPWG call Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 18 February)

Meeting today Telford-Reed, Nick (Thursday, 18 February)

The Open Banking Standard (HTTP API) Manu Sporny (Thursday, 18 February)

[webpayments] Review: UPI - a method and standard that went BETA in India (#100) Madhu (Thursday, 18 February)

[webpayments] PISP under PSD2_SCT flows_Shopper PISP (#99) fredMeignien (Wednesday, 17 February)

[webpayments] Added Credit Transfer clarifications (#98) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 17 February)

[webpayments] PISP under PSD2_SCT flows_Merchant PISP.pml (#97) fredMeignien (Wednesday, 17 February)

[webpayments] Minor fixes/annoatations (#96) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 17 February)

[webpayments] Synonym Mapping from Web Environment Terminology to ISO 20022 Terminonogy (#95) Erik Anderson (Wednesday, 17 February)

[webpayments] Transition and Adoption (#94) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 17 February)

[webpayments] ISO20022 terminology adoption (#93) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 17 February)

[webpayments] Flow terminology (#92) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 17 February)

Re: [webpayments] Security and Privacy Self-Review (#61) ianbjacobs (Tuesday, 16 February)

[webpayments] Fix typos (#91) Prayag Verma (Monday, 15 February)

[webpayments] How do we prevent keyboard hooking during payment? (#90) oldoldb (Monday, 15 February)

[webpayments] What are the WPWG February 2016 face-to-face prioritized issues (#89) Manu Sporny (Monday, 15 February)

[webpayments] Consolidate updated from Freed into single file (#88) mattsaxon (Sunday, 14 February)

[webpayments] Consolidate updated from Freed into single file (#87) mattsaxon (Sunday, 14 February)

[webpayments] Consolidate updated from Freed into single file (#86) mattsaxon (Sunday, 14 February)

[webpayments] Changes based on discussion with Ian Jacobs (#85) mattsaxon (Sunday, 14 February)

[paymentrequest] Tidy-up per discussion (#52) Ade Bateman (Saturday, 13 February)

Sanity check on API using flows from Flows Task Force Manu Sporny (Friday, 12 February)

[webpayments] Multilingual Support for human-readable labels (#84) ianbjacobs (Friday, 12 February)

[paymentrequest] Fix spec nits based on implementation experience. (#51) Ade Bateman (Friday, 12 February)

[paymentrequest] Change the PaymentRequestUpdateEvent model to better match FetchEvent (#50) Ade Bateman (Friday, 12 February)

[paymentrequest] Clarify that decimal separator is optional to match regex. (#49) Ade Bateman (Friday, 12 February)

Comments on MasterPass flow Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 11 February)

Re: [paymentrequest] No mention of non-decimal currencies (#40) Nick S (Thursday, 11 February)

Re: [webpayments] Should we expose status change events in the browser API? (#41) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 11 February)

[web-payments-browser-api] Use of "MUST" in sentence might cause confusion (#6) ianbjacobs (Thursday, 11 February)

Re: [paymentrequest] Shipping: should merchant supply supported destinations (#2) Ade Bateman (Thursday, 11 February)

Re: [paymentrequest] Need a "really closed" event (#45) Ade Bateman (Thursday, 11 February)

Re: [paymentrequest] Consider allowing a web site to provide a label for the "Buy" or "Checkout" button (#46) Ade Bateman (Thursday, 11 February)

Comments on 3DS Flow Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 11 February)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: Include an extensibility section in the browser API spec with an ISSUE marker indicating WIP. (#83) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 11 February)

[paymentrequest] Proposal to move the complete() method to the PaymentResponse interface (#48) Ade Bateman (Thursday, 11 February)

[paymentrequest] Spec correctness updates based on review feedback (#47) Ade Bateman (Thursday, 11 February)

AGENDA for our call February 11th 2016 at 17h00 Telford-Reed, Nick (Wednesday, 10 February)

Some things that might help with PROPOSAL regarding JSON-LD material Telford-Reed, Nick (Wednesday, 10 February)

Re: [webpayments] How can the API support enrollment (future payment) use cases? (#65) Rouslan Solomakhin (Tuesday, 9 February)

Re: [webpayments] Should a website be able to provide a label for the "Buy" or "Checkout" button displayed in the payment app? (#66) Rouslan Solomakhin (Tuesday, 9 February)

PROPOSAL regarding JSON-LD material Ian Jacobs (Tuesday, 9 February)

Web Authentication Working Group Launched Ian Jacobs (Monday, 8 February)

Checkout API spec published Manu Sporny (Monday, 8 February)

interested in JSON-LD (Saturday, 6 February)

[Minutes] 4 Feb 2016 WPWG teleconference Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 4 February)

[webpayments] PSD2 about Payment Initiation 4 Feb 2016 (#82) fredMeignien (Thursday, 4 February)

Re: [webpayments] Should a Payment Request API have shipping address APIs? (#39) Dave Longley (Thursday, 4 February)

Checkout API Dave Longley (Thursday, 4 February)

[webpayments] Updated card participants for ISO20022 (#81) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 3 February)

Re: [webpayments] What is the appropriate conversational pattern for the API? (#55) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 3 February)

[webpayments] Returned Skin to default, moved target flows out of directory structure, removed partial flows for SEPA Credit Transfer (#80) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 3 February)

Telecon 4th February 2016 at 17:00 UTC Telford-Reed, Nick (Wednesday, 3 February)

Re: [webpayments] PROPOSAL: The PaymentRequest object SHOULD NOT expose internal state information to the developer. Any design that requires developers to manage or understand the request state is a compromise in the API design that should be avoided where possible. (#64) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 3 February)

Re: [webpayments] How should the message schemas for the payment request and response be defined? (#27) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Tuesday, 2 February)

Re: [webpayments] Should a payment method identifier (URL) resolve to a machine readable resource that describes the payment method? (#30) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Tuesday, 2 February)

[webpayments] Should the payment request support multiple pricing options? (#79) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Tuesday, 2 February)

Re: [paymentrequest] Combine API parameters into a single request object + options (#41) Alessio Basso (Tuesday, 2 February)

Registration for ILP Workshop is OPEN Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

ACTION STRONGLY ENCOURAGED: Flows ready for wider review Telford-Reed, Nick (Monday, 1 February)

RE: Concerns around Web Payments HTTP API de-prioritization Telford-Reed, Nick (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] Should we standardise a callback mechanism for payment apps to communicate to 3rd parties? (#76) Zach Koch (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] How are payment apps shared between different browser brands? (#15) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] Should we have separate specifications for payment and registration of payment apps? (#26) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] How are payment apps registered? (#14) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] How are cloud-based payment apps supported? (#16) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

[webpayments] How do we protect certian data in the messages from certain parties in the flow as the use case requires? (#78) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] Is tracking payment request state necessary? (#35) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] What gets registered - apps, wallets, or payment instruments? (#28) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] How are third-party native wallets integrated? (#42) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: Pass the list of supported payment methods and the method-specific data in a single object (#77) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] Terminology for payer/payee, user/merchant, debtor/creditor (#59) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] Expression of monetary amounts (#40) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] Should the Web Payments API cater for the invoicing part of the full web purchase flow ? (#60) Vincent Kuntz (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] ACTION: Summarize arguments for/against shipping address capture (#72) Vincent Kuntz (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] PROPOSAL: Use strings to represent currency and amount per ISO20022 (#57) Vincent Kuntz (Monday, 1 February)

Re: [webpayments] Some amendmends (#75) Alessio Basso (Monday, 1 February)

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