Checkout API spec published

Hey folks,

Dave Longley and I tried to see what his Checkout API proposal[1] would
look like applied to the Google/Microsoft spec proposal. This was mainly
for our own edification, but the result seemed like it might be useful
to the group, so we're publishing it to see what others think.

Here's the result:

* The Checkout API seems to address the use cases that we heard from
  Zach (make the payment flow much nicer and unified for payers,
  make control of the flow something the browser handles, etc.)
* There is a nice and clean separation between the high-level
  Checkout API and the low-level PaymentRequest API. This follows
  many of the principles in the Extensible Web Manifesto that many
  W3C API developers are trying to adhere to these days.
* We were able to convert all of the APIs to a purely promise-based
  system (no events, no external state management), which should
  be much easier for developers to use and which don't have the
  downside of having possible race conditions.
* We future-proofed the shipping address collection in the event
  that the Verifiable Claims work generates something this
  API can use (there is a clear path to switch to the new model
  if there is benefit).

Here's the process we followed:

1. We took the base Google/Microsoft Payment Request API proposal
   and copied the entire document into another WICG repository (to
   ensure there were no issues w/ IPR).
2. We merged the Checkout API proposal into the PaymentRequest API.
3. We then started removing the bits that were redundant wrt. the
   lower-level payments API, which simplified the API quite a bit.
4. We were also able to entirely remove the event and state machine
   bits from the API, which simplified the API further.

To be clear:

* We are not "forking" the Google/Microsoft spec nor do we intend to
  maintain this as an alternate spec unless the WG decides that it
  likes the direction, and even in that case, we'd like AdrianB and
  Zach to keep editing it (with us as backup editors).
* This is experimental and is an attempt to harmonize all of the
  discussion in issues and spec proposals currently on the table.

-- manu


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