Re: [webpayments] How should the message schemas for the payment request and response be defined? (#27)

> I think the use cases are different.

They are not.

> is for people to publish data that can be discovered and processed on the open web

Yes, like anything related to electronic commerce. For example, products for sale for a certain price (which is basically what a payment request is).

The online sales funnel typically starts with a Google search for a product (a payment request marked up as JSON-LD, for example), leading to the merchant website, and then the execution of payment. We can use almost the exact same common message for the starting step and the ending step to drive sales from search all the way through to payment.

> That is not the sort of scenario we are talking about in this browser API.

The assertion in this thread is that there are common messages that can be used both in the browser API and outside of the browser API. The Web Payments CG specs demonstrate that it is possible to do so. shows us that it's then possible to take those common messages and drive search traffic to a merchant site and use that same message to execute the payment.

If we just stick to WebIDL trapped in a browser API, we don't get any of those benefits.

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