Re: [webpayments] ACTION: Summarize arguments for/against shipping address capture (#72)

> The people who provide payment systems are unlikely to want their brands to disappear.

Sorry, do you mean the merchants? Or the PSP that a merchant uses who might be controlling their checkout flow? Either way, if they don't want address collection, it's an optional parameter. I think it's on us to prove over time that it's beneficial to ask the user agent to facilitate this.

> Users may have more confidence when they see a recognized brand.

Branding is still possible, even with a flow that is outside the merchants control. Though I suspect this is largely a UI issue and will be up to the user-agent implementing the API and how they decide to handle this.

> Merchants may want to display information about what payment methods they accept before a transaction begins, so users know what is coming.

I can't think of anything that would preclude this from taking place.

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