Re: [webpayments] Should the Web Payments API cater for the invoicing part of the full web purchase flow ? (#60)

For my sake as a non-native English speaker, let's define a couple of terms. It sounds like @vkuntz is talking about something like a _receipt_.

> "A written or printed statement acknowledging that something has been paid for."

This is something that the merchant provides to the user after the transaction has been complete. I can imagine this happening through the complete() method:

var receipt = {"items": [...], "amount": "35.00", "currencyCode": "USD"};
payment.complete(true, receipt);

In contrast, an _invoice_ is much closer to the definition of a payment request.

> "A list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these; a bill."

The browser has this information and may even store it. For example, this is similar to "Downloads" page in Chrome.

@vkuntz, which one did you have in mind?

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