Re: [webpayments] What is the appropriate conversational pattern for the API? (#55)

> The only way this could be achieved is through an out of band mechanism as described in #76 which the majority of the group seem to feel does not need to be standardized yet.

I wouldn't say that - I'd say that the majority of the group doesn't understand that not standardizing this means that there are no 3rd party payment apps that aren't tightly coupled. For example, actual native applications running on a mobile device. So, while I'm sure Google, Microsoft, and Apple would have no problem writing a native payment app for their mobile platforms, I doubt a non-multi-billion-dollar-multinational would have an easy time doing such a thing.

So, just to be clear - I wouldn't view this as indifference - some of us have just been sucked into more pressing conversations (like the extensibility discussion).

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