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> Point of Order
> This issue is creating a great deal of noise despite the fact that at this point everyone appears to agree that the API should be defined (like all other W3C APIs) using WebIDL. We are debating the wording of a minor section of the spec which we can haggle over later, it has no baring on the rest of the work.
> I'd prefer to not exercise any veto as chair but I'm inclined to put this issue aside (so we can focus on getting out a FPWD) at least until:
>  • There is more input from the rest of the group
>  • There is a proposal for what the JSON-LD guidance document will look like
>  • The actual data model of the API parameters has stabalized
> I support the replacement of the extensibility section with an issue marker that indicates there is parallel work being done to define how the API parameters may be extended for use outside the API using JSON-LD as long as we don't create an impression that there will be a normative reference to this work until such time as the group agrees this is necessary.
> @ianbjacobs: Can I ask you to put this proposal forward in today's call? I have logged it on GtHub:

Here is the proposal I wish to put forward:

 * We resolve that the base API will require conformance to JSON as needed (not JSON-LD)
 * We resolve to include the text below in the base API spec. (I am assuming that Manu and Dave can create a spec rapidly that we can link to.)

There is no need to “put the issue aside.” There is only the need to decouple the specs so that the work can proceed.


Text to include

The JSON-LD Payment Extension specification (linked to the document) explains how to extend the parameters used with this API using JSON-LD.

NOTE: The Working Group seeks feedback from the community on that specification and how well it furthers interoperability needs in the payments ecosystem. To provide feedback, see the status section above (linked to status section of spec).

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