Re: [webpayments] Expression of monetary amounts (#40)

Closing as the related proposal was resolved on 28 Jan.

Note the following comments from @vkuntz as we develop our specs:

> - In some implementations of Payments messages, the currency is implied through the system currency, which defines the default currency for all exchanges, therefore the currency should be an attribute, but not mandated (e.g. the ECB only allows for Euros in the payments settlement on the TARGET2 platform, and the exchanged messages do nto contain any currencies).
- The implementation of the ISO 20022 Currency And Amount allows as well for Active or ActiveOrHistoric currencies, when used - for web payments I would strongly recommend that only Active currencies are used (i.e. USD, EUR, but no DEM, FRF which are still defined, but as non active historic currencies)
- Amounts in ISO 20022 do not provide for negative amounts, and require that an additional attribute is provided, such as the Debit/Credit indicator (mostly used in payments) or a sign (only in securities transactions).

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