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> On Feb 9, 2016, at 3:39 PM, wrote:
> * The Working Group SHOULD publish a companion specification that explains how to use JSON-LD with the API.
> I work for Wells Fargo as part of the Innovation Group, and we are looking at JSON-LD as a tie-in to FIBO and have heard there is a move to remove it from the spec.
> I do not support this removal from the spec as we have been considering it as a logical extension and extensibility story to Web Payments, and other great possibilities.
> There are no other feasible options we see that would not set our company back in terms of research and cost we would have to spend to come up with our own extensibility story. Please explicitly keep JSON-LD in the spec as a recommended extensibility mechanism.
> Please do not delay work on this, we need this interoperable framework for strategic value and not spend our time and money re-inventing something that is not our primary purview .

Hello Omar,

The proposal supports development of the JSON-LD ecosystem, and I wrote "I would like to see work on the companion specification begin soon.”

Today Dave Longley and I had a productive discussion about how to organize the specifications so that they can build on one another. I expect
the next draft of the specification edited by Dave and Manu Sporny to reflect our conversation.


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