Re: [paymentrequest] Change the PaymentRequestUpdateEvent model to better match FetchEvent (#50)

>            </li>
> -          <li>
> -            The method should return and the <a>user agent</a> should asynchronously update the
> -            user interface based on the changed values in <em>target</em>@[[\details]].
> +          <li>Return from the method and asynchronously perform the remaining steps.</li>

Yes. The spec currently uses the pattern "asynchronously perform the remaining steps" modelled after specs like WebCrypto.

If I read it correctly, at some point we probably need to switch to the defined term "in parallel", although I'm not a big fan of this language because it might imply to the casual reader that the following steps should all be in parallel rather than being in order but in parallel with other activity.

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