Re: Checkout API spec published

On 02/08/2016 04:33 PM, Ian Jacobs wrote:
> It is not appropriate to have a normative reference to material that 
> is not required for conformance.

It's perfectly appropriate to have normative references to material that
tells people how to interpret/extend messages using JSON-LD if they want
to use JSON-LD. If you're not going to interpret the messages as
JSON-LD, you can ignore the normative text. You include text like this
in the API specs so people know that they have the option to interpret
the data as JSON-LD.

> I do not believe we understand the ecosystem well enough to require 

Why do you think we're "requiring JSON-LD"? If you don't have a
normative extensibility mechanism, then what's the extensibility
mechanism you're proposing?

> I support the idea of a standalone specification as a way to build 
> the conversation around the use of JSON-LD.

Is that specification REC-track? Does it contain normative language on
how to interpret the messages as JSON-LD?

-- manu

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