Re: [webpayments] PROPOSAL: The PaymentRequest object SHOULD NOT expose internal state information to the developer. Any design that requires developers to manage or understand the request state is a compromise in the API design that should be avoided where possible. (#64)

@adrianhopebailie wrote:
> PROPOSAL: The browser API SHOULD NOT raise events as a means of making asynchronous requests to the website. Events should only be used if there are actual events that it is valuable for the website to be aware of, and the only expected behavior of the website should be to ignore the event, process it or cancel the payment request.

While I'm supportive of this direction, it's a bit too broad-brush and thus makes me nervous. Not all events are bad, and we may find that an event may be our only option in certain scenarios. Rather that approve this proposal, I'd rather we focus on writing a mechanism up that doesn't depend on events (for the main flow) and see how that looks. I think @dlongley has put together such a proposal here:

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