Re: [webpayments] How should the message schemas for the payment request and response be defined? (#27)

All, I think that ISO 20022 could potentially solve this issue. Within ISO 20022, there are 3 levels of specifications: the business level, the logical level and the technical level. All discussion in this thread are at the technical level, which I believe is not the correct level of discussion today and is generated from the logical level in ISO 20022 through automated procedures. The most important aspect to a correct design is that the logical level contains all relevant information, which allows to generate in any format that you would like to: XML, ASN.1 as today already supported in ISO 20022, but the standard itself allows for the possibility of future technical implementations. JSON could be a good candidate. As said, the key to sucess is to have the correct logical design. The last step is up to the experts to agree on the correct translation from the logical layer to the physical/technical layer. 

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