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Minutes: February 25 2021 Pascalides, Justine E (Thursday, 25 February)

Usability Section Rewrite Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 25 February)

Diversity Question Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Tuesday, 23 February)

COGA: Agenda for Thursdays call 25th Feb 2021 Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 23 February)

Collecting topics of what to do next Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 23 February)

good and bad images Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 23 February)

Icons Pascalides, Justine E (Thursday, 18 February)

Issue 197 (multiple issues including adding to Toms persona) Please respond by feb 21 Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 18 February)

Re: edited draft for 143 - Motor automaticity and object permanence Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 18 February)

Minutes for the February 18, 2021 meeting Delisi, Jennie (MNIT) (Thursday, 18 February)

issue 238- use of numbers in Pattern: Do Not Rely on Users Memorizing Information. Please respond by the end of 21st Feb 2020 Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 18 February)

latest image for Content Usable to review Delisi, Jennie (MNIT) (Thursday, 18 February)

Re: Patterns and User Story Wording Structure Straw Poll Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 18 February)

163 draft response - 2 additions to the document (mainly editorial). lease respond by feb 21 Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 18 February)

160 from internationalization to Provide a reference to language tags. Feedback by the 21 feb Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 18 February)

issue 159 and Provide guidance for working with local language experts - issues by the 21th feb Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 18 February)

Identity First Language and Introductory paragraph Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 18 February)

The agenda for this week's COGA meeting. 18th February 2021 Lisa Seeman (Wednesday, 17 February)

action needed - do you like how we are handling issues? (to finalize by Friday the 19th Feb) Lisa Seeman (Wednesday, 17 February)

Issue 237 Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Wednesday, 17 February)

235 on styles and fonts Lisa Seeman (Wednesday, 17 February)

[public-cognitive-a11y-tf] <none> Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 16 February)

Main branch renamed in COGA repository Michael Cooper (Tuesday, 16 February)

working on the image - try 2 Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 16 February)

[request for feedback] markup with request for changes on the image representing a correct example Rain Michaels (Thursday, 11 February)

[request for feedback] Icon exploration for "ensure processes do not rely on memory" Rain Michaels (Thursday, 11 February)

FW: Content Usable Graphic to Review Delisi, Jennie (MNIT) (Thursday, 11 February)

The Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Teleconference -Thursday 11, Feb 2021 Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Wednesday, 10 February)

title capitalization question Shawn Henry (Tuesday, 9 February)

163.7 and 144 - proposal to use the phrase "Easy to Understand Language" Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 9 February)

Re: Issue 136 - Use Person First Language David Fazio (Monday, 8 February)

Request for comments: icon concepts for "ensure processes do not rely on memory" Rain Michaels (Friday, 5 February)

Issue 174: Add to wayfinding list, please comment by 16 Feb Pascalides, Justine E (Friday, 5 February)

Pre-CFC: Silver Requirements Revision Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Friday, 5 February)

163.1 - 163.7 lots of stuff.... Lisa Seeman (Friday, 5 February)

Minutes: COGA taskforce meeting 4 February 2021 Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 4 February)

137 and 132 more distractions Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 4 February)

closing things on the list Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 4 February)

136 : spatial representations - can we just close it? Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 4 February)

icons mock ups Lisa Seeman (Thursday, 4 February)

Re: Findable help issues Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 2 February)

Agenda and call information for Thursday 4th Jan 2021 - The Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Teleconference Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 2 February)

APA and coga Lisa Seeman (Tuesday, 2 February)

process do not require memorizing or manipulating Information - issue 238 Lisa Seeman (Monday, 1 February)

adding more points to the user stories - issue 157 Lisa Seeman (Monday, 1 February)

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