APA and coga

Hi Folks
As you may know COGA is part of two parent working groups. AG and APA.

*AG* is the group that makes \wCAG - here is their charter: ag-charter

*APA *-  Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group ]is to ensure W3C
specifications provide support for accessibility to people with
disabilities. The group does reviews of W3C specifications, development of
technical support materials, collaboration with other Working Groups, and
coordination of harmonized accessibility strategies within W3C.
here is their charter: APA /charter.html

APA suggests that we no longer need to be part of their group and it would
make things simpler if we are just AG

However I feel that the gap analisis and  issue papers, which are the basis
of content usable, are typically more APA then AG.  The user needs were
also more for APA then AG.   If we leave APA they may become out of scope.
We definitely need better coordination with APA irregardless of who our
parent group is.

We have asked Janina to also write a bit on her perspective.

let's discuss this more on the call tomorrow.


Received on Tuesday, 2 February 2021 14:46:23 UTC