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> Hello,
> At last week's meeting
> <> we agreed
> to move forward with identity first language for autistic people (rather
> than people with autism) and add an introductory paragraph to the
> document.  This is email is to:
>    1. Give the broader list members a chance to provide feedback on the
>    decision, and
>    2. Provide draft language for the introductory paragraph for review
>    and editing.
> The introductory paragraph is below.
> *Language Use*
> Language and terminology for cognitive and learning disabilities varies
> greatly between cultures and communities. Preferred language is also
> changing over time.  We selected terms and defined them in the glossary for
> consistency within this document. We do not assert these are correct in all
> cases and for all groups. When we were aware of conflicting opinions,
> we reached out to individuals that identify with each term.  When
> preferences varied, we have used our best judgement to select a term based
> on the feedback and provided alternatives within the glossary definition.
> When deciding on language and terminology to use when discussing
> cognitive and learning disabilities, we recommend reaching out to
> individuals with cognitive and learning disabilities to select the best
> terms within the specific situation and culture.
> Please respond if you have additional feedback on the identity first
> language decision or edits to the glossary introduction language.
> Best regards,
> Rachael
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