Re: working on the image - try 2

Skye - It just occurred to me that it would be an interesting exercise 
to indicate which Design Guide Pattern each of your points matches. And 
if they are not, perhaps there are some gaps we need to look at filling. 
This would be a way to test out the Patterns in a fairly realistic 
scenario. Some points may be more WCAG or general good UI design, but 
for others you raise a cognitive issue which we can match against a 

However, as of now, some of the Patterns have recently been reworked for 
the coming release of Content Usable. This new content is in separate 
Google Docs until merged, so it takes a little more work to access. 
However, that said, the the latest draft in GitHub Pages has enough 
current info for understanding the Pattern.

Would you be interested in doing this?


On 17/02/2021 03:36, Skye wrote:
> Nice example - here are a few suggestions to make it even better:
> Suggested navigation bar:
>   * Home - offer a simple way to get back to the beginning;
>   * Categories - this seems to be more about different categories
>     (friendship is misspelled)
>   * Delivery - keep it simple and consistent; not necessary to specify
>     "information" as every section contains information; but if there
>     are different delivery or other options, that is different
>   * Events
>   * Contact - keep it simple and consistent; not necessary to specify "us"
> Please avoid using a white background (especially with dark/black text) 
> as that challenges certain people with Dyslexia, light sensitivity, 
> Irlen Syndrome, etc.
> Red (hues) should only be used sparingly for emphasis or else it is 
> essentially shouting (between visually off-putting to sensory overload) 
> at the site visitor; using red/dark pink for a large footer area is 
> visually excessive against all the flowers in red/pink and also does not 
> have enough contrastto (and neutralizes) the pink flowers bordering it
> For easier/quicker comprehension (and visual appeal); better to just 
> have "Locally Sourced" and "Fresh Cut Daily" in large text instead of 
> phrasing as a sentence
> Not sure of the rationale for identifying the expected time to order - 
> if it really take 10 minutes (typo), that is not an effective process so 
> could scare away the customer especially one with different abilities 
> who may need even longer.
> Hope this helps~
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>> Hi Folks
>> Here is the edits without the valentine's day section. It looks a bit 
>> better.
>> Do we want to move ahead or leave it for the web version
>> image.png

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