163.1 - 163.7 lots of stuff....

Issue 163 has over 20 sub issues. Some are editorial. I have addressed the
first 7 here.
To help I have put proposed additions to the document in Bold as that is
probably the most important..

See issues/163 <https://github.com/w3c/coga/issues/163> .

Overall I would thank them for there fantastic review and say we have tried
to address as many of their point as we can given the need to
ballance other peoples issues and time constraints

163.1 - they write"maybe it would be interesting to indicate at the
beginning of this document, that people with cognitive and learning
disabilities can also have another difficulties such as motor disabilities
or visual disabilities."

*Proposal add sentence  to the introduction*
*Note that people with cognitive and learning disabilities often also have
other impairments such as motor disabilities or visual impairments. For
example, many people with age related forgetfulness will also require
higher contrast. It is always important to follow WCAG and insure the needs
of all disabilities are addressed.*

163.2- editorial, we have edited the document and tried to make the terms
more consistent.

163.3  - Here they have asked to expand some of the user needs but there is
not significant new material. We suggest that we respond that we have been
asked to reduce the size of the document as much as possible. Although we
are not very good at that, we are trying not to expand unless there is no

163.4 hear the want numeric equivalents to be in easy to understand
language. I think we can say that easy to understand language is covered in
a different user need. Further not everyone with dyscalculia needs easy

163.5 here they expand an example, but to me it makes it harder to
understand. We can answer this as 163.3

they point out we have not added enough on Abbreviations . I suggest adding
it to pattern 4.4.1 "use clear word" as follows:
Add a bullet point *"**Remove or explain uncommon acronyms** and jargon.*"
and add to the "use" section


   *Acronyms that are not in common use, are explained the first time they
   are used, and are in an acronym tag with a title after that.*

   *Jargon is avoided or explained.*

Add to the avoid section

   1. *Acronyms and jargon that the user may not know.*

They also suggest avoiding synonyms and words from other languages. I do
not think we can widely suggest this, although a lot of the issues with
language will be sorted out by using language tags, which we are adding in
a response to another issue

163. 7 They suggest using the term "easy to understand language"
Lets address this in the context of easy language issue. They also suggest
adding it to
More another day
All the best

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