Issue 197 (multiple issues including adding to Toms persona) Please respond by feb 21

Hi Folks

Issue 197 had a lot of editorial suggestions, but also  some additions
to the document. Most of them are simple to accept but some we have
deferred to a next version.

Please respond by feb 21. We will consider silence as agreement.

*Draft response:*

Thank you for your wonderful review. We have put in most of your
suggestions into the next version.
As well the editorial comments and clarifications, we have also:

   1. Added Ben's suggestion for a help/orientation button into the
   examples of pattern 4.2.4 - make each step clear.
   2. Added shifting font sizes  to the pattern on personalization support
   3. Added to Toms persona the following: "He struggles  keeping track of
   what he is doing in complex tasks.It is important for Tom to have the steps
   of tasks clearly presented, and a mechanism like breadcrumbs that helps Tom
   keep track of where he is in a task with multiple steps.Tom appreciates
   it when  tasks are as simple as possible. "It can't ever be too simple," he

There were a few points that we have to postpone for now. Specifically:

   - We feel that the rainbow approach is out of scope for this document
   which is  guidance for Web content.
   - We can attempt to expand and review Sec 3.7.3 in more detail in the
   next version.  Similarly we can review  then as well.
   - We also feel the AI suggestions are reliable enough yet to be
   recommended. However we would like to add this to research topics. Likewise
   we feel more research is needed before we can suggest that divide numbers
   need to be big. We would welcome any additional comments, research or
   contributions from you ongoing.

Thanks again for your wonderful contributions

The task force.

Received on Thursday, 18 February 2021 17:27:43 UTC