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[Fwd: [soapbuilders] Invitation to join "Round 2" interop testing]

[soapbuilders] testing methodology for SOAP Encoding? (fwd)

ANN: Language for Enabling Sites to be Inspected for the Presence of Web Services

Boxcarring out of scope?

Comments on issue 101

counterproposal on issue #144

Error ...

ETF: Issue 162 (Use of ABNF in production rules)

ETF: Issue 47 (SOAP Data Model)

ETF: Proposed Resolution to Issue #1

Formalism in SOAP spec

FWD: I-D ACTION:draft-cunnings-salz-soap-auth-00.txt

FYI: DIME available as IETF internet draft


I-D ACTION:draft-baker-http-resource-state-model-01.txt (fwd)

i154: are roles invariant?

In Memoriam - Henry Lowe

issue #144 proposal - array metadata in SOAP Encoding

Issue -999

Issue 135 - Re: discarding incorrect namespaces

Issue 146

Issue 146 (default and anon actors, endpoints and ultimate re cipients - for danbri :-))

Issue 146 proposed resolution

Issue 153: overlapping section 2 and 4

Issue 169: Forward References in SOAP Encoding

Issue 32/R307: Suitability for use across organisational boundar ies

Issue 68 - status information

latest proposal on issues #144 and #161 - array encoding

Latest Usage Scenarios

Merry Christmas!

messages only as documents?

Meta issue 54 [1]--proposed resolution

minutes of 21/11/2001 teleconference

minutes of 31/10/2001 teleconference

minutes of 7/11 and 14/11 teleconferences

Missing testable assertions (scan of part 1 section 4)

New encoding issue - consistency and sanity checks

New XML web application server

Possible issue: uniqueness of IDs

Proposal for hierarchical fault codes

Proposal for resolving #171 - attributes on references

Proposal for resolving issue 40: Support resource constrained devices

proposed resolution for issue #18 - "top level" unclear

Proposed resolution of issue 101: relationship between header and body blocks

Proposed resolution of issue 101: relationship between headerand body blocks

proposed resolution to issue #117

proposed resolution to issues #159 and #166 - encodingStyle

Proposed text for issue 155

Remove NOTATION type

Request to open new issue: version faults vs. client faults

RSVP: Resolution to issue #29 satisfactory?

RSVP: Resolution to issue #29 satisfactory? (fwd)

S21 proposed sample implementation

SOAP 1.2 Part 0: Primer Editor's draft available for review

SOAP and dynamic structures

Soap namespaces..

SOAP v1.1 ========> SOAP v1.2

Spaces allowed in XML element names

Summary: Sparse Arrays

TBTF Intro text comment

Transport Binding Reviews

Typo in Example 2

updated proposal on issue #144 - array metadata in SOAP Encod ing

updated proposal on issue #144 - array metadata in SOAP Encoding

Usage Scenarios

XML processing

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