Re: SOAP 1.2 Part 0: Primer Editor's draft available for review

Jean-Jacques Moreau writes (regarding the primer):

>> You don't seem to be using <?xml ...?> consistently.

As we discussed at the ftf yesterday, SOAP 1.2 formally depends on 
Infoset.  I think the primer needs to say something like: 

"Sample SOAP envelopes and messages are shown as XML 1.0 documents like 


The SOAP Messaging Framework explains that SOAP messages are formally 
specified as XML Infosets [reference to XML Infoset document], which is an 
abstract description of their contents.  The distinction between and SOAP 
XML Infosets and the corresponding XML documents is unlikely to be of 
interest to those using this primer as an introduction to SOAP;  those who 
do care (typically those who port SOAP to new network systems) should 
understand these examples as referreing to the corresponding XML 

From this we see that the use of <?xml .... ?> is primarily is really just 
one of convention in the examples.  As Jean-Jacques says, the examples 
should be made consistent.

By the way, although it does not affect the primer, the other place that 
<?xml ... ?> is likely to show up is in the specification for particular 
transport bindings that choose to send Envelopes in the form of XML 1.0 

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