Re: TBTF Intro text comment

I think this requirement is more properly handled in the specifications 
for the end-to-end features.  Presumably,  the corresponding features are 
marked mustUnderstand to the intermediaries.  Either it doesn't understand 
at all, in which case mU fault,. or it understands but can't comply, in 
which case the feature spec can indicate the fault.  I think it's covered 
as is.  Thanks.

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Raj Nair <>
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        Subject:        TBTF Intro text comment

In the section entitled "Introduction to the SOAP Binding Framework", para 
The last statement allows different transports on different message hops.
However, in the case of an end-to-end security association an assumption 
made about the willingness of an intermediary to accept this message even 
it is unwilling or unable to do participate.

I propose adding the following text at the end of that paragraph:
An intermediary MUST generate a SOAP fault if it is not able to accept a
SOAP message without violating existing end-to-end conditions of the 


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