Re: Issue 146 proposed resolution


It's important that SOAP support a gateway model, and in doing so,
not attempt to prevent "processing the message" from including
delegation to other processors.

> >This seems problematic to me, because it doesn't seem to match 
> >the rules 
> >we've set for what it means to act in a role.  We say very clearly in 
> >chapter 2 that, if you act in the anonymous role, you MUST 
> >process bodies, 
> >and we strongly imply that you are the endpoint (as opposed to an 
> >intermediary.)
> I think it does. The important thing is that it says "*if* you act...".
> In this case, the party who the sender thinks is the ultimate
> destination decides to offload the processing to another node. In other
> words, the *intended* ultimate destination decides not to act in the
> role of the ultimate destination. This may not only be a sensible thing
> to do in cases like dealing with front-ends but there are many other
> scenarios where this can happen as well.
> Another formulation is like this: "One knows who the ultimate
> destination is once the message gets there but not necessarily before."
> Given that a SOAP node can decide its role on a per message basis, I
> don't think this is inconsistent with the current processing model. The
> proposed text was just an attempt of clarifying the current model.
> Henrik

Mark Baker, CSO, Planetfred.
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.

Received on Thursday, 15 November 2001 12:01:07 UTC