RE: Issue 135 - Re: discarding incorrect namespaces

Sounds good


>>>>Once the receiver has established that the
>>>>sender is sending a SOAP 1.2 envelope (by 
>>>>checking the namespace on the root element) 
>>>>then any malformation of the envelope 
>>>>would be a "Client" fault.
>> I agree.  So, version mismatches occur only if the root element 
>> namespace
>> doesn't match.  Client faults occur if root element 
>namespace is known, 
>> but there is any other "malformation" of the message 
>structure (envelope 
>> not named "envelope", body or header missing, perhaps due to bad 
>> namespaces, etc.)  Right?  Thanks.
>Sounds about right to me.

Received on Wednesday, 14 November 2001 09:41:01 UTC