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> Only as a mandatory extension

Yes, that's no big deal

> and only by effectively redeploying *all*
> existing SOAP nodes.

Talking to implementors leads me to believe that very few support actor
anyway, so we're essentially already in that situation.

> Without a targeting mechanism, it furthermore
> becomes very difficult to not just have passive forwarders.

So put the targeting mechanism in the extension. I think people have enough
on their plates getting a message from A to B let alone going via C, D and

> This all has
> a *very* high cost and will be fragile as a result.

Why would an extension be any more fragile than the current situation.

> We had this discussion a long time ago

Yes, I said then that I thought actor was underspecified and that
intermediaries was a can of worms we should not tackle in our first REC. I
think the number of issues that are currently related to
actor/intermediaries bears this out somewhat.

>- I would strongly recommend
> focusing on solving the outstanding issues of which there are plenty
> rather than going back in circles.

Oh, I'm focussed on solving issues. I just have different suggestions for
the solutions!



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