Re: Proposal for hierarchical fault codes

>  you mean turning the fault into a data. Your problem is that the
> fault is not encoded in such a way that it could be marked as
> following the Encoding rules and it would be a legal
> serialization according to the rules, right?


>  Faults are a part of the core SOAP, Encoding is an optional
> adjunct so we should not make the faults follow the encoding
> rules explicitly.

If there is no compelling need to make a data structure incompatible
with SOAP Encoding, then I am strongly in favor of making it possible to
"naively" and "obviously" use SOAP Encoding to express that data
structure as it moves from XML to a native programming language
representation and back again.

Making it a goal that core SOAP data structure are compatible with SOAP
Encoding does not mean that Encoding now becomes part of the core.

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Received on Thursday, 8 November 2001 09:02:12 UTC