[soapbuilders] testing methodology for SOAP Encoding? (fwd)


As background on Issue 29 (non-ser models), I'm trying to find out more
about the way SOAP tools are using the Encoding portion of the spec, and
about how these implementations are being tested. FYI copied below a msg
to soapbuilders. I'll send more on #29 soon.


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Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 10:10:22 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: [soapbuilders] testing methodology for SOAP Encoding?

Hi folks

I'm delurking to ask a question that I raised on xml-dist-app, and which
folk have suggested might find an answer here.

Background: I'm investigating the suitability of SOAP Encoding (and its implicit data
model) as a mechanism for representing and transporting RDF data graphs.
I'm also getting to know SOAP tools better by experimenting with an RDF
query protocol implemented in SOAP, using three of the open source SOAP
libraries(*). I've been very impressed with what I've seen: very handy
tools, maturing fast, and mostly they worked out of the box. My only
learning curve bump was w.r.t. the encoding of hashes (HashMap) where I
needed a little handholding to get the tools to communicate successfully.

Which brings me belatedly to my point: testing methodologies for the
SOAP Encoding bit of the spec, the new 1.2 work in particular. I'd like to
learn more about how this community have been testing interop for
serializing and deserializing data graphs in the SOAP Encoding style. The
spec describes what seems to be an edge-labeled graph data model, but
mostly focusses on its concrete encoding in XML. The model is abstract
enough to allow me to ship representations of my application data between
Perl, Python and Java. This is very cool. But it doesn't immediately
suggest a methodology for testing the Encoding component of SOAP

I figured the best thing to do was ask here and find out what people are
doing. I took a look at the Axis stuff (used Java JUnit) which prompts a
related question: how are folk testing this stuff cross-language? I can
understand how JUnit might be useful for testing tools that map java
constructs into SOAP-Encoding's model. What I don't understand is how we
get from this kind of per-language testing to cross-language assurances
that the Encoding spec is being consistently implemented.

I an idea about how this might be do-able, but as a SOAP newbie
I'm probably best learning more about what you folks have been up to

thanks for any pointers,


(*) I've been learning with SOAP::Lite, SOAP.py and Apache Axis to date


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