Request to open new issue: version faults vs. client faults

On the call a few minutes ago I was asked to request that a new issue be
opened.   In general, the issue is to clarify the use of version faults vs.
client faults.

History:  issue 135 [1] raised a general issue relating to faults.  A
thread of discussion starting at [2] led to tentative agreement among the
correspondents that we should clarify the use of version vs. client faults
in the particular case that incorrect namespace qualification is used in a
SOAP envelope.  Those interested should read the entire thread, which is
not very long.

In messages [3] and [4] Marc Hadley and I proposed a resolution.  Marc's
original formulation is:

"Once the receiver has established that the sender is sending a SOAP 1.2
envelope (by checking
the namespace on the root element) then any malformation of the envelope
would be a "Client" fault. This would include things like wrong element
names, multiple "Header" or "Body" elements, etc."

which in my later note I summarized as:

"version mismatches occur only if the root element namespace
doesn't match.  Client faults occur if root element namespace is known,
but there is any other "malformation" of the message structure (envelope
not named "envelope", body or header missing, perhaps due to bad
namespaces, etc.)"

These formulations, which I believe to be saying the same thing in
different words, are offered as a proposed resolution to the new issue.

I believe this note discharges the action item to which I agreed on today's
call. Thank you.


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Received on Wednesday, 14 November 2001 15:44:48 UTC