RE: Issue 146 proposed resolution

I think this is fine - thanks for writing this up!


>"A SOAP Node that acts in the role of the anonymous actor with 
>respect to a particular SOAP message becomes the ultimate 
>recipient of that SOAP message. Such a SOAP node is 
>responsible for processing all parts of the message intended 
>for the anonymous actor, including the body, according to the 
>rules described in this section. The SOAP message path for 
>that message ends at the ultimate recipient. However, the 
>ultimate recipient may delegate all or part of its 
>responsibility to other entities. The ultimate recipient may 
>happen to use distinct SOAP message exchanges to interact with 
>such entities. Nevertheless, responsibility for the processing 
>of parts of a SOAP message targetted at the anonymous actor 
>rests with the ultimate recipient of that message".

Received on Wednesday, 21 November 2001 13:14:51 UTC