Re: Proposal for hierarchical fault codes

So, you're proposing something like

 <soap:Fault xmlns:soap='' >
     <value xmlns:app='' >app:SomeError</value>

the corresponding schema would be;

<xs:schema xmlns:xs=''
           targetNamespace='' >

   <xs:complexType name='faultcodeType' >
       <xs:element name='value' type='xsd:QName' minOccurs='1'
maxOccurs='unbounded' />


This doesn't imply a hierarchy to me but rather that all the fault codes are
of equal 'importance'. But I can see the argument that the order of the
siblings determines importance.


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> suppose it's an array, rather then nested?
> Martin Gudgin wrote:
> > I did consider the approach you suggest. I rejected it because there is
> > currently ) no way to assign a type to the text content of <faultcode>
> > such a design. That is, there is no way to say that the text must be a
> > QName. This is a problem/design choice regarding mixed content in XML
> > Schema.
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