Re: Proposal for hierarchical fault codes

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Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2001 8:11 AM
Subject: Re: Proposal for hierarchical fault codes

> Gudge, how would we report RPC faults? Would it have to be
> something like (I'm using your latest flat approach, but it can
> be rewritten into any other)
> <faultcode>
>   <value>env:Client</value>
>   <sub>rpc:MethodNotFound</sub>
> </faultcode>

Yes, it would look something like this

> Or would the enum contain all the faults defined by our spec?

I thing the top level enum should only contain the QNames defined in part 1
but I'm open to argument.

> This would be awkward since RPC is an optional part, so probably
> the former is the way. This could be a nice demonstration in-spec
> of how the faultcodes are meant to work. 8-)

I think we're broadly on the same page


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