RE: Issue 146 proposed resolution

No, there is only one default/anonymous actor. It may, however, not be
possible to determine who that node is until the message arrives at the
node. The formulation that I suggested did not (at least not
intentionally) indicate that there are more than one default/anonymous

>Agreed.   The question in my mind is, exactly how do we model it. As I 
>understand Henrik, he is saying:  "there can be two nodes (and I mean 
>"node" in exactly the formal sense of chapter 2) in the path 
>taken by a 
>given message both of which act in the role of the anonymous actor, 
>neither of which is considered an intermediary;  nonetheless, 
>the first 
>one of these relays (again in the formal sense of "relay" per 
>chapter 2) 
>the message to the second.


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