Error ...

HI to all...
I've developed a COM with VB6 SP5 in Win2K Professional, The workstation
has SOAP Toolkit 2.0 and the lastest Service Pack installed.
I make the .wsdl and .wsml using the WSDL generator... and it's make an
asp page to invoke the webservice...
When I call the asp page the next error appears...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> 
 <http://p-ggonza/webservice/psuma.asp#> - <SOAP-ENV:Envelope
 <http://p-ggonza/webservice/psuma.asp#> - <SOAP-ENV:Body>
 <http://p-ggonza/webservice/psuma.asp#> - <SOAP-ENV:Fault>
  <faultstring>Connector - Bad request to the server.</faultstring> 
 <http://p-ggonza/webservice/psuma.asp#> - <detail>
 <http://p-ggonza/webservice/psuma.asp#> - <mserror:errorInfo
 <http://p-ggonza/webservice/psuma.asp#> - <mserror:callStack>
 <http://p-ggonza/webservice/psuma.asp#> - <mserror:callElement>


Anybody can say me what this error means ?

Thanks ... please send me the answer to 
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Received on Friday, 16 November 2001 11:44:45 UTC