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Here are some comments on the usage scenario descriptions ([1]):
1. Should we not make a global change from "XMLP" to "SOAP", or "SOAP 1.2"?

2. Section 2.1.2, last sentence: This is the *only* place where "XMLP_UNITDATA.send" is used. I would delete it, as it is does not really add much to the discussion and you don't want to get caught up explaining the additional terminology.

2bis. Section 2.4.2., first para: This talks of "XMLP Handlers". I'm not sure this is a defined concept, and the text following about the handlers being required to do the parameter and result serialization seem too prescriptive.
3. Text immediately following Fig. 5: "For the RPC programming model, an RPC Request handler on the XMLP Sender serializes the calling parameters and places them in an XMLP Header in the calling request."  This seems too prescriptive.
4. Same place, the very next sentence: " The XMLP Receiver has a matching XMLP Handler which extracts the serialized parameters and invokes the procedure (which is local to the XMLP Receiver).". Can one be sure of the statement in parentheses? Is that statement necessary?

5. Section 2.5.2. Why is a transport supporting the request/response assumed? This could equally well have been provided by two unidirectional messages. Is it necessary to have a status block generated for the request/response scenario? For example, a HTTP POST can be acknowledged with a "202" or "204" status code (and no response body) could serve equally well for this scenario.

I'll provide others as I go through it some more later. Better to get this partial review out to you sooner rather than be complete - and late.
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