Soap namespaces..


I am currently using the Apache soap toolkit and I need help with the

1) Is there a way by which I can have the methods of my service prefixed by
a specific namespace instead of the default ns1,ns2 that the Apache soap
library adds, for e.g if I have a method 'validateData', the soap request
automatically adds ns1:validateData in the constructed xml soap request

2) In my SOAP request I need the xml elements to be constructed without the
attribute - xsi:type="xsd:string", can this be done. Right now in my
deployment descriptor I am not adding the 'xsi' and 'xsd' XML Schema
namespaces but the above attribute,value pair automatically seems to be
getting added to every xml element.

Please advise.

Received on Thursday, 15 November 2001 14:08:55 UTC